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Forums > Living in Kunming > NGO for children with special needs?

Asking for a friend (no really).

Turns out his son might be a special needs child but we don't know what he has... the kid's got a poor memory (the father says his memory even deteriorates, which is alarming) and his grades have been consistently abysmal; the school told my friend to get some medical certification of subpar IQ, so that they could remove him from the aggregate marks - the equivalent of Spartans leaving weak newborns out to die.

It could be delayed brain development, learning difficulty, dyslexia, autism or ADHD, basically anything.

So I'm just wondering whether anybody here could recommend an NGO of sorts that can provide some kinda evaluation or consultancy? They're a Chinese family local to Kunming and the boy is a fourth grader or something (gosh I'm terrible as a friend). Plus I'm sure they'll qualify as a low-income family if the NGO has such policies.

Wouldn't surprise me if all NGOs up and left Kunming over the years either. Anyways, thanks a lot and have a great day.

Forums > Study > French Corner?

Being a sociophobic I opted for self-learning instead of trying to make French friends in town; so my progress has been pathetic. These days I've been reading manga in French (!) but surprising it seems to work out better than all the textbooks I tried.

Forums > Study > French Corner?


Thanks for the reply. However I did a search in WeChat & couldn't find your ID's.

Forums > Study > French Corner?

Hi, just wondering if anyone was aware of any regular gathering in town where people meet to practise their spoken French? Some training school in the vicinity of the Kunming Zoo used to have one (which I've visited and found out to be not in the traditional sense of a language corner, more like a "workshop" with reading sessions, kind of thing) then it stopped when the host moved away.

Any input would be highly appreciated. Merci par avance.

Et bien sûr, dans le cas qu'il y en a rien on peut peut-être organiser un. N'est-ce pas? Mais je ne peux pas faire ça seul par moi-même car mon niveau de français est encore limité.

Another rumour I've heard is that they've one at the new French Cafe nearby the old campus of Yunnan Normal on Monday evenings... no idea if it's much good though.


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The owners have obviously put a lot of effort into creating a unique, nostalgic style for Guangzong No. 3 through the design and decoration. Apparently, all those allegedly antique items cost money!

Also, the Wi-Fi there is the fastest compared to other restaurants and cafes in the area.

However, they really need to improve the variety of foods & drinks they offer and what really seriously bothered me was that, as the owners appear to be a bunch of students with extra money and time to spare, they are naturally NOT very service-conscious.

Last time my wife and I were there, their puppy relieved itself on the wooden floor, then the pee just sat there on the floor for like, two hours. Until one of the girls (not sure if an owner or waitress) came into the room and quickly went back out announcing, "The puppy has PEED! The puppy has PEED!". When we thought they'd finally noticed it and were about to do something about it... then, nothing?! She just made a public announcement upon her exciting discovery and that's it? Bovina Sancta!
(of course, the poor neglected puddle had almost completely evaporated, too)