Clean and comfortable rooms with fast internet. Rooms between 120-400 yuan.

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  • NameHuachen Business Hotel
  • AddressShiji Lu, close to Lincang Teachers' School, Lincang
  • Phone(0883) 2165888
Added by Yereth,
Huachen Business Hotel • Shiji Lu, close to Lincang Teachers' School

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A few days before staying here, I stayed in a nicer and more recently renovated hotel in the center of Jinghong for the same price (138/night). This leads me to believe better deals are to be found, since Lincang ought to be cheaper. Also, no wifi, wired internet only. Otherwise, decent enough for what it is. Do unplug your phone.


Lincang has a ton of expensive hotels and many many cheap ones. This one is right in the middle. Nice, comfortable rooms. Heed Colin's advice about the phone.


Not only the fastest internet I've ever had in China, but in the world. Honestly. I don't know how or why, but download speeds can reach 4,000 kb/s. Clean and modern, but be sure to unplug your phone if you don't want late night calls. Just a block away from Sal's Lincang...