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Kitchen open until 1am!

Daily Happy Hour Specials

Hours: 5pm–8pm

Draft Beers

• Vedett Blond/White/IPA 35yuan
• Liefmans 35 yuan
• La Chouffe 35 yuan
• Firestone Coffee Milk Stout 35 yuan

Our Pub

Our pub features a fully imported authentic interior, fitted out to the highest international standards. The operations are in line with the best of any international Irish pub. The layout whilst being traditional in design, maintains the cosiness and quirkiness of an Irish pub incorporating little snugs and nooks for a more private dining and drinking experience while having a welcoming relaxed and very open atmosphere.

At O'Reilly's Irish Pub you are always welcome, just like in Ireland, come and relax with a pint of real genuine Guinness. To complement our Irish drinks, we also feature a wide variety of other draft beers such as Vedett White, Liefmans Fruitess and La Chouffe. Mixing a selection of classic Irish drinks and other well known beers from around the world (Belgium, Germany, France, Australia, etc). You will not find a more genuine pub atmosphere in all of China!

We also provide lunch and dining options, featuring open or reserved seating and have the perfect area for your dining and late night experiences.

O'Reilly's will organize your events regardless of your requirements from company social events to after wedding parties or birthday parties! Call us! Reserve a whole floor with dedicated bar or just book a space for 4 people. Whatever your requirements, we can tailor the event to suit your needs.

This is the first authentic Irish pub in Kunming and the place to catch up on all your sporting events. The pub has 4 TVs that will show all major sporting events live, as well as special offers related to your games!

Hope to see you soon.

Slainte' !

O'Reilly's Irish Pub

Listing info
  • NameO'Reilly's Irish Pub (Beichen)
    欧瑞力斯爱尔兰酒吧 (北辰店)
  • Address13 Beichen Pedestrian Street, Kunming
  • Mobile13759177741
  • Phone(0871) 65615661
  • Hours5pm-2am
  • Happy Hour5pm–8pm (for details
    see description)
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O'Reilly's Irish Pub (Beichen) • 13 Beichen Pedestrian Street



Without a doubt the best burger this side of the yangtze, awesome beer selection too, great place for food and drinks


Great burgers, great crowd, the owners make you feel right at home. Always worth the bike ride north.


by far the best burger in town, I am happy I don't need to travel to thailand, hk or shanghai to enjoy good food, good beer and good people.


Great owners, great customers, great food, and great beer! I only wish I lilved closer so I could go more often.


i have to say i was kind of disappointed by my visit, as the fish and chips were okay, but not amazing.

it's definitely a little more pricey than i expected, but my friend really liked his burger.

the atmosphere was nice as well as the courteous staff (pretty amazing service, especially for china!)

i was kind of surprised when the server turned on the tv to the food network...???

if you really like genuine beer and want a burger and don't mind spending 80yuan per person then this is your spot.

it's really amazing that a small city like km has a place like this, but i probably won't go again, as almost any pub in thailand, hk or shanghai would be better on all counts.