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  • NameDan Di Coffee
  • Address19 Wenlin Jie, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 5359929
Dan Di Coffee • 19 Wenlin Jie

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Stumbled upon this place on the less busy side of Wenlin Jie, one warm afternoon looking for a place to grab a bite to eat, go on-line awhile, chill-out. I was shocked to find out it was around for several years. I missed it....

Great environment, spacious, non-crowded, quiet, comfortable tables, free wi-fi, extensive selection of western / chinese food at reasonable prices. Tried several Chinese / Western dishes at different times - nothing to fancy but all quite acceptable and very good value. Service was attentive and courteous.


an A for ambiance... never loud or noisy or crowded or full of cigarette smoke!

milkshakes need MAJOR improvement, though!


Menu is similar to Prague Cafe, The hash browns (gan dian tudo si) and eggs sunny-side up are quite good.


Our last visit displayed the weakness -- the kitchen.

After precisely one hour we had to ask about our order, it arrived ten minutes later.

My colleagues asked me to mention that there were only three other people there and . . . they were'nt eating.

Again, the waiting staff were apologetic, but the owner/manager . . . .
A general question:

Why, almost everywhere, do restaurant owners believe that they can hire some inexperienced staff and, then, disappear?


The business card says Dan Di Coffee, it also says Fresh 'crushed' coffee!

But the menu says Dan Di Cafe which is probably what they want.

Having got that little comment out of the way, I'll tell you that the modern, Continental, and cosy atmosphere, complete with soft jazz, puts this cafe on my Go-again List.

Judging by the stated 8:00 am opening time and a great English-language (well, almost) breakfast menu . . . it's a great place for breakfast.

But the variety of food should please anybody at anytime.

And wine-by-the-glass is available.

The young, capable, staff are always smiling . . . if only the manager would.

But, that's enough for now -- I don't want the place to get too crowded.