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Forums > Living in Kunming > registration requirements for foreigners... pls don't make 'intelligent' guesses if u don't know for sure!

okay... do tourist (and other short stay visas) need to go to the police station to register after they've arrived in Kunming? or does the hotel take care of such requirements?

what if KMG is not the original destination and the person is staying over for a few days before they go to their orig. dest? is registration still required at KMG.

anybody knows any source for authentic info?


Forums > Food & Drink > What's with the beef over fapiao?

i really couldn't care less, i feel privileged to be in Kunming and i think most establishments here are more patient, kinder and more friendly and faaaar less racist to foreigners than those of many other cities/ countries... not to mention many of the countries that many of us foreigners come from!!

i also feel privileged to be able to post in this site, so, forgoing the joy i'd have derived otherwise, i've not made my comment harsh or sarcastic!

cheers y'all! :)

Forums > Food & Drink > Shawarma Craving at 1 am!!

u sound like a regular gourmet, Hedgie!

how about u make some of that stuff one day and i'll come over and praise ur culinary skills? fair deal, no? :D


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an A for ambiance... never loud or noisy or crowded or full of cigarette smoke!

milkshakes need MAJOR improvement, though!


I don't know where Piers got his chef from, but the guy (or gal) totally rocks!

the samosa is au-so-thentic! and the rest of the stuff could give many restaurants back in India a run for their curry! ;)