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Watching World Cup

Yunzhe (1 post) • 0

Could anyone kindly suggest a good link to watch World Cup opening ceremony in internet? Will they broadcast in local CCTV 5 channel? I'd be greatly appreciated.

Magnifico (1981 posts) • 0

sorry, don't know about cctv. but i stopped by a local bar in my neighborhood and they're showing all the matches.

Elisa (174 posts) • 0

Not helpful at all, but it's funny how I'm back in China for another World Cup, but all the places where I watched the matches last time are now just ashes in ShangriLa.

JanJal (1243 posts) • 0

I run TV guide website www.sinoepg.net. We have English TV schedule for World Cup in Chinese TV channels. All matches are shown live on CCTV-5.

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

I hope the Brazilians in the street win something out of all of this international media celebratory sports mania, which is bound to produce profits for...somebody.

AlexKMG (2387 posts) • 0

BBC had a great article that answered that question from the last world cup in South Africa. In short only profits are to FIFA and stadium construction companies. Local communities got nothing pretty much, but on the bright side, South Africa's international standing went up.

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