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dolphin (513 posts) • -11
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Evolution doesn't exist.Its fake science and brainwashing that encourages a dog eat dog mentality and oneupmanship, which causes problems.

iTeach (96 posts) • 0

'Evolution doesn't exist.' even from the keyboard of a troll,,these words are shocking.

dolphin (513 posts) • -8
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9 downvotes. Ha ha.
And .... politicians have always lied says a politician... and then people proceed to believe everything he says ... sheesh ... strongman poloitics is survival of the fittest ... and it has nothing to do with biology.

Dazzer (2800 posts) • -1

peopole always lie, it dont mean they lie all the time. people who use strongman tactics often go to jail, and even get the death penalty. go figure survival of the fittest unto the death chamber. and like the man said, those who have to debase others, well you have to wonder about their own insecutiry

tigertiger - moderator (5015 posts) • +3

There is a difference between survival of the fittest and survival of the strongest. Most laws in advanced societies are based on the principles of 'natural law' (this is not the laws of nature, you can look it up). We protect the weak, and some types of strong people are deemed unfit to be a part of society, ergo the strongest are not necessarily the fittest.
Thinking back to Obama's speech (in video in above post) I wasting my time trying to engage with some people, and so I will stop here.

Dazzer (2800 posts) • +3

republicans wanted a strongman in charge, they got one. only they didnt realize it would be putin. rofl

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