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violence at train station

bluesinkunming (9 posts) • 0

heard some crazed things at airport and kundu as well. hopefully horrid rumour, but any confirmation or denial would be most welcomed. trying to call some friends now to be sure all are safe.

redjon77 (510 posts) • 0

Reports saying 27 dead, over 100 injured and still more happening, not a good way to go about expressing your opinions by taking innocent life!

bluppfisk (398 posts) • 0

People are blaming today's Jews: the Muslims. Reactions on Weibo range from violent ("we should eliminate all muslims") to mild ("let's not judge all Xinjiang people the same way"). But I don't like the racial turn this is taking ...

bluesinkunming (9 posts) • 0

fortunately, there seems to be no more news than the train station at this point that i can find. nor do i hear any further sirens.
hopefully nothing else is happening.
found my people are all fine.
i spose i should hit the sack and get a night's rest.

see whats on the wire in the morning.
gnite, and be safe all.

nicht (2 posts) • 0

a witness says: I saw one moslim looking guy in yellowish Jacket and one woman in moslim dress, wielding 60cm long silverly sharp swords.

Silvio DaVinci (282 posts) • 0

Advice and warnings currently in the news:
1: avoid busy public places
2: avoid public transport
3: Be wary of your food and drinks. Poisonings may happen as a "silent" form of attack.

There was apparently (someone claimed) also an explosion somewhere else in KM. Details are not yet confirmed.

Someone claims the knife-attack isn't over yet as he/she saw more people. Although the police dealt a blow to the knife-wielding men, a group of women is said to be also on the prowl with knives.

And someone online is claiming the attacks will continue for the next days stating: "17 attacks will happen"

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