Trivia Night

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The classic Kunming pub quiz is being revived this week! Here are the details:

Where: Chapter One (Wenlin Jie)
When: Wednesday 29 Oct. 8pm
Organize a team of up to 4 members. No registration necessary, but if you don't have a team you're encouraged to come early and form one; also, if you arrive before 8 you can take advantage of Chapter One's happy hour.

There are four categories, each with 15 questions. The categories are as follows:

1. Geography
2. History
3. Science/Technology
4. Arts/Literature/Culture

Winning team will win a case of Beer Lao, plus earn the right to form the next quiz. On Thursday, we'll post the questions and answers for those of you who didn't attend.

Come out! It'll be fun, and you might even learn something.

- Matt

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