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Forums > Living in Kunming > How long have you been in China? Kunming?

5 years now-Xi'an, Hangzhou, Yizhou and now 2 years in Kunming. Unfortunately, I can't take the pollution and the altitude anymore so am leaving for Vietnam in 15 days for 2 years with my husband who teaches physics-I can't teach anymore but so far Yizhou is my favorite place-a sleepy little farm town in Guangxi province. Kunming is next but the new construction and influx of people has really ruined why I came here in the first place. Bye Bye China-actually has been good to us overall. Thanks

Forums > Living in Kunming > spousal visas

I can't seem to get my husband's school to sponsor or help me with a spousal visa-been here 2 years on tourist-getting expensive-anyone know why? Iknow there are new rules but they are beyond me.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Need Traditional Chinese Medicine Specialitst

Thanks-I had a doctor actually respond-he wants to practice his English-no charge for taking me around the hospital-I am better now but still want to try taking on a full treatment for the condition. I have read that the Chinese are very good at lung conditions and really these meds are way too much. I take so many and the side effect listings are 10 pages. Stem cell research is going slowly forward with this but you have to to Bangkok and it is expensive even there-no insurance co would cover stem cell stuff now anyway. When we get back from vacaction I am starting. I heard they had a paste or what we used to call a plaster that works miracles. Thanks for your response always appreciated when someone takes the time-its important.


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I have a lung condition so I check the real pollution index every day. I have been able to go out two days in the last month-it wasn't like this last y ear. I am getting out of here asap. Most expats do not have lung conditions so don't think it is affecting them-bah ha ha -it is going to get you too. I can feel it in my lungs and gauge the index- I am usually right on target. Spring City has become a death trap-

It is dangerous to ride the streets on a bike in this city because the cars are all parked in the bike lane. I would think this is a major problem. It is hard to try and get into the car lane with no mirrors and I have seen people get hit. Spitting on the sidewalk brings germs into the home we walk around all day with someone's illness then bring it into the house. I take off my shoes at the door but the germs are in anyway. Who cares about people cooking on the streets-this is China. But the people who ride the wrong way in bike lanes are dangerous. It seems to me that safety should be the main consideration.