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Good Chinese Movies?

TheSwedishGuy (64 posts) • 0

I am looking for tips on good Chinese movies that doesn't involve people flying around and dressing up in weird clothing ;)

I've seen a few lately that I liked that caught the nice atmosphere in this country.

2 of them that I suggest you check out:
落叶归根 and 大电影2

They both gave me a good laugh even though the first one is really tragic at the same time.

chinese painting (6 posts) • 0

Personally, I recommend "Crazy Stone" (Comedy) ~! "Blind Mountain", "well-blind" (China reflects real life) have the opportunity to exchange under the ~! msn: nevintang@hotmail.com

PerNordin (50 posts) • 0

Hej, jag såg på Svensk TV ett par jättefina stillsamma Kinesiska filmer.
"Nuen" är en mycket rörande film.
"Min Fader och min Moder" är en underbart rar och gullig film, nästan helt utan handling eller dialog. Mycket fin. Det är en man som kommer hem till byn för sin Far's begravning och filmen handlar sen om hur hans föräldrar träffades, fadern en lärare och modern en enkel byflicka. Vi får se handlingen mest ur hennes vinkel.
Båda tilldrar sig i mer eller mindre modern tid.

Danmairen (510 posts) • 0

I watched a good movie aboard the airplane some months ago. It was called "The Park" in English but I've got no idea about the Chinese title. It is about the clash of generations. The older people meet in a park to find a suitable match for their children who they fear cannot find their way in modern China. A touching and thought provoking movie.

Lulu* (13 posts) • 0

I recommend Still Life (三峡好人), it's a bit old so that you might have seen it. it's long and can be boring if you are not into delicate cultural expressions though.

PerNordin (50 posts) • 0

I have the Chinese name of the movie "My Father and Mother" (literal translation) "Wo de fu qin mu qin" but the english title is "The Road Home". I again recommend it. It is very sweet.

I have no additional info on "Nuen". Sorry.

hedgepig (273 posts) • 0

i second the vote for "The Road Home". this is the movie that made Zhang Ziyi widely known. it's a love story told from the perspective of the couple's son, who has returned home to bury his father.

i'm a big fan of Suzhou He/苏州河/Suzhou River, set in Shanghai, featuring Zhou Xun. i have a feeling that this remains banned in China, but i might be wrong. it's a querky first person narrative involving infatuation and mistaken identity.

Mike2008 (3 posts) • 0

Great to know some movie lovers here. I am local. For Chinese movies, I like several Chinese directors including Zhang Yimou, Chen Kaige, Tian Zhuangzhuang, Wang Jiawei, Wang Xiaoshuai and Gu Changwei. I have many DVDs at home. We can share and exchange. I would recommend one Zhang Yimou's movie today. It's called "To Live" staring by Gong Li and Ge You, telling a story of a family from late Qing Dynasty till Culture Revolution in China. One of the best moives by Zhang Yimou, which was banned in China.

sbarella (105 posts) • 0

hello! I was about to start a new forum thread about good Chinese movies, when I found this one. It's really old tho... can anybody recommend other Chinese movies that could be worth watching?
I've recently watched 秋菊打官司 and found it quite interesting!
any idea also about tv series or tv programmes would be really appreciated!!

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