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I'm not planning to change the world and i dont think yelling would have the effect either.

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were you happy when you got ripped off coz you were a foreigner? I guess not. Then there's no surprise Chinese would feel offended when they saw the ad. when we are wronged by others, should our first reaction be not doing the same to others, or doing exactly the same (or even worse) to get back at them? Not all people have the same answer to it.

Again, the short-visioned chinese owner is ought to take the blame of putting out the not-so-smart mgs out there; and we might also want reflect on why we ourselves (who disagreed unconsciously) carried it out anyway.

There's no comparison between Lady's nite and Foreigners' privilege here. I dont need to explain it no more, if anyone still remembers "Chinese and dogs are not allowed to enter (the bar)" in modern Chinese history. Sometimes our problem is we completely ignore the cultures, assume everything orbits around our own world, and feel innocent when things go wrong.

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Hi Olivier,

I was out of town at an annual work retreat and just got back. I heard you and your colleague have been taken care of by my colleague, Xiaotang and were introduced to our project manager responsible for alternative energy. Pls feel free to let me know if I could be of further assistance on this matter, as we always welcome goodwill and helping hands on promoting conservation.

best regards,

ps you can reach me at


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