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Running in Kunming

oldbird (5 posts) • 0

Thank you roomboy. I see that the next run is Sunday. I'm normally busy Sunday, are there ever any runs other days of the week?


blobbles (958 posts) • 0

Have added a couple of more routes I have been doing recently to the Kunming runners group OldBird - only attempt these if you are fit enough for the 500m or so of climbing! These routes go up Xi Shan and start stop at a car/bike/scooter park. A good day out running or hiking and quite accessible!


thewonderer (59 posts) • 0

Hi, I am hoping to move over in sept and would like to be able to run a couple of times a week. What is it like running at this elevation? Hoping to find someone to treat my tight hamstring too. Thanks

blobbles (958 posts) • 0

Running up here in the thin air isn't too bad at all, you will definitely notice it on your first run and you will be considerably slower than when at sea level but that should be expected. The air is quite dry up here though, particularly during these dry months, which means constant hydration during your run is quite important. If you run longer distances (+10km) a comfortable method of hydration (Camelbak or running belt with bottles) might be an idea to bring with you as decent ones are not common around these parts.

The bigger difficulty is finding decent places to run which aren't covered in dust and/or full of traffic, which is why I have set up the group above on mapmyrun.

I have heard of a western physiotherapist working in Kunming before - someone else may have the contact for this person but I do not know them.

OceanOcean (1193 posts) • 0

The western physio is a really nice guy called Walter. As I understand it, he's here in Kunming primarily working with a charity helping local disabled folk, and so not actively looking for paying patients. As such, he probably wouldn't appreciate his number being made public here. However he does fill some of his spare hours helping sufferers in the ex-pat community. If you need to contact him, PM me and I'll send his phonenumber.

thewonderer (59 posts) • 0

Excellent. I have heard of the HHH years ago so glad to see they are out here too. Sounds like fun. Never downed beers after exercise though. Ha ha. Well thank you for all that advice. I hope to be over in 6 months and want to stay fit and active. Not ju add t drinking all the beer and local food :-)

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