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blobbles (958 posts) • 0

Better to make a group on an actual running site like www.mapmyrun.com. This site lets you setup a group which others can join up to. We can then create our own routes and share them with other people in the group instantly plus upload workouts from our phones. I think we can even organise group runs if wanted! Plus you don't need a weepy end to access it, though making maps on it may be illegal under chinese law!

oldbird (5 posts) • 0

russell, I like to run way up north near the Pan Long Jiang canal. It is a nice park like environment with paths and trees and grass.

blobbles (958 posts) • 0

Where in Kunming are you? Usually people like to run from their house, but if you are living in the centre of the city, thats a bit tricky!

blobbles (958 posts) • 0

One of the best places to run these days is along the Panlong river as oldbird suggested. Both in the North and South the local government has converted much of the Panlong into quite attractive garden areas with a path. The path usually stops at a main road, but it is generally possible to cross that road somewhere close by and continue on the next section. In the middle of the city running along the Panlong also isn't too bad, but it has a lot more people plus is less of a running track like surface and more like concrete/tiles.

Hopefully in the future the government will add bridge under paths to the Panlong river trails but they won't be usable when the river is up. Though that hardly every happens these days, it probably will in the future.

In the city I find the parks (Haigeng/around and through Yueyutan park) combined with sections of the Panlong quite nice. There are some nice roads you can run along in the south as well (Dianchi Lu south of Hongta Lu, actually many to the west of Dianchi Lu), also parts of the Chuanfang River, a small river heading off Guangfu lu (keep to the RHS to exit onto Dianchi Lu later) about 400m SE of the Dianchi lu/Guangfu Lu intersection.

There are other pretty good routes, particularly if you are into mountain running, Xi Shan, Changchong Shan, Jindian and out around the forested mountains to the far NE of the city, the tracks around Bao Zhu Si to the west of the city. But these generally require transport to them so aren't as cool!

Oldbird - I figured you would set up a group on www.mapmyrun.com, since you haven't I have done it now. If you are interested in sharing routes or finding routes in Kunming with GPS etc, joing mapmyrun and then sign up to the Kunming Runners group. There you can check out some of my running routes I have posted, I encourage people to join up to the group, record their workouts on their phones and share them via mapmyrun.com so we can all enjoy and explore different routes around Kunming :-)

oldbird (5 posts) • 0

Blobbles, Thank you for creating the group. I actually had created one but was not able to get my post to upload here, strange. I could reply to russell, but couldn't get the url to post. But I can kill mine and we can just use yours. Would you maybe be able to link to the Facebook site just to try and help folks connect better? Thx :).

I live way up north in Kunming. Do you know of Long Tou Jie? I live off that. Almost up to the northern bus station.

blobbles (958 posts) • 0

Yep, I have connected the facebook and twitter sites up now oldbird!

For you, living in the north, the Panlong River tracks should be a mainstay for running, I would suggest. They are open, heavily planted and next to either deserted or fairly quiet roads (well, this was the case when I was running them last year!). The eastern side of the river between Linyu Road and 004 County road are particularly nice, though the building of the bridges across the river were annoying. I suspect most of these are finished now, requiring a few road crossings, but look for small tracks people sometimes make under the bridge (there is one on the west side of the bridge under Linyu Lu which brings means you can avoid having to cross the road, it just requires jumping over a small concrete wall!).

oldbird (5 posts) • 0

Thank you!

Yea, that is normally where I run, I really like the area and environment. I'm really hoping to find some folks to run with. Others in my family like to bike or walk but not run. I'd like the motivation that comes from running with others. I've run a few races when I've been back in the US and that helped me really work at it, but without a race coming up, even though I love running, it's hard to push myself as much as I need to really get better than I am.

roomboy (4 posts) • 0

Dear all. Please note that Kunming has its own Hash House Harriers Chapter. For more information on run details please visit kunminghashhouseharriers.yolasite.com. Next run is Sunday May 19th. oN oN!

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