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henderson (1 post) • 0

Does anyone out there know of a good Xinjiang restaurant in Kunming? I would gladly settle for an average one. Thank you in advance for your replies!

chris (144 posts) • 0

There's a small Xinjiang restaurant across from the Yunnan University east gate on Yuanxi Lu and another on Xiyuan Lu, just north of Yanjiadi/KIA on the west side of the street. I've never been to either one, so I can't vouch for them.

Hope that helps.


chris (144 posts) • 0

Just found a three-year old Xinjiang place in the Xinying Xiaoqu - Xinjiang Tianshan Muslim Restaurant 新疆天山穆斯林餐厅.

They've got all the Uighur standards: kao baozi, laohu cai, dingding chaomian, dapan ji, soft naan bread and mutton prepared in every way imaginable. Staff is friendly and the cooks are definitely from Xinjiang.

The food was good and it is definitely authentic Uighur cuisine - everyone in the restaurant was Uighur. At night it's half karaoke and half restaurant, so it can get a bit loud but if you're in need of Xinjiang Cai this place should do the trick.

The address is Xinying Beiqu, 36 Baiyun Lu (新迎北区白云路36) and the phone number is 3338083.

dashpierce (10 posts) • 0

the one chris was talking about by the east gate of Yunnan University on Yuan Xi Lu is great. They have really cold beer, great lamb skewers, da pan ji, really good yang rou chuanrs, liang pi, awesme hu pi qing jiao if you dig spicy, etc.....but the xinjiang ban mian is a no go.......got some good bread too.....just about 200 meters down from the east gate on the right....you'll see the kao rou dude

Danmairen (510 posts) • 0

I feel like trying the Baiyun Lu one today or tomorrow. Sadly I don't know much about Xinjiang food apart from the bread (don't know the name in Chinese) and the yang rou chuar. Can any devotees recommend a couple of dishes? The only time I tried it before was in Beijing some years back and we had the naan bread submerged in some kind of tomato sauce,, very delicious.

Geezer (1949 posts) • 0

The menu is on a laptop with lots of photos. Be brave!

I like "ding ding chow mian." On the laptop screen just above the ding ding chow mian is another noodle dish that is excellent. I like the naan stuff too, but as I go alone most of the time it is a bit much to eat.

La mein is good too. Small dishes will fill you up, medium is good for two, the large plates are doggy bag time. Also, check out the stuff for sale outside.

I get the 5 yuan yangrouchuan seems better than the 1 yuan. Also try the kaobaozi (mutton dumplingd).

Bus 67 stops almost in front of the place.

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