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Thailand life ?

thebeargirl (64 posts) • 0

if you wanna go there for holiday,the flight usually cheaper during night time,maybe you already know.
you can come back thailand show me around or sth.

thebeargirl (64 posts) • 0

my flight is 4000rmb,round trip.including everything,return ticket save it until next year Mar

chris8080 (226 posts) • 0

That's expensive. I paid about the same for a return flight from KM to Tokyo (via HK).

I think going overland would be fun, but would need to have enough time to stop along the way. I don't like the idea of 30+ hours on a bus.

thebeargirl (64 posts) • 0

my school brought it,maybe they cannot find cheaper one.KM to Tokyo via HK so cheap

laotou (1714 posts) • 0

Hope you have a wonderful experience in Thailand. I think it will be the rainy season while you're there. Also - beware (I'm just paranoid) of drinking anything that you didn't personally order (beware of spiked drinks - ecstacy(?), knock out/date rape drugs, etc). And try not to smash anymore laptops, ok?

Travel advice - keep the phone numbers of some major FIVE STAR hotels in your phone. If you have any communications problems - call the hotel's concierge (pretending you're a hotel guest) and ask them to translate for you.

thebeargirl (64 posts) • 0

alright.I will be good,good good babygirl..~~~no more smash,I will be careful with the drinking,altough still scared going out a little bit,but I will be smart,
hahah the five star hotel advise is very tricky,love it.
thx a lot laotou,I m sure I will be happy in thailand.btw the music you gave to me last time will be with me in thailand!so I dont feel so alone!

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • 0

Everywhere you go there are assholes and idiots but the difference is that if you are in another country that's not your own, you might get into bigger trouble. I suggest you kept your temper in check. In other words, cool it. Just walk away. BTW, breaking things is silly because that means you got to buy it again. Walk away and try again or get someone to help you.

Dazzer (2806 posts) • 0

How many people did you ask for music?
Apart from Laotou and myself, how many other PMs did you send?

thebeargirl (64 posts) • 0

I know Im angry,and Im trying not to,com'n just need some more time
Im only 20 years old,but already done with university.dont be too hard on me.Im learning!
music,ehhehe,I dont mind more!
about breaking and smashing things,thats why I need teddy bears.

Yuanyangren (297 posts) • 0

@the beargirl, you originally posted this thread on Oct 29th, but said you will be in Thailand on Oct 5. Unless you can go back in time, did you actually mean Nov 5?

Anyway, what will you be doing in Thailand? 5 months is a long time and there are no 5 month visas. You can stay for 60 days on a tourist visa, then get a 30 day extension. After that you'd need to leave the country and come back to gain a new permission of stay but you can't keep doing that as you'd start to arouse permission on the other hand if you don't stay more than 5 months you should be OK. If you have some sort of non-immigrant visa to come as an exchange student, you'd probably get a 90 day visa that can be extended up to 5 months. Make sure you have the right visa in your passport before leaving though otherwise you won't get on the plane.

Don't worry about Chinese pills, they are weird and what you'll find in Thailand is much the same as in the west, predictable and safe. Before every trip to China I stock up on medicine like anti-diahrrea charcoal pills (which for some bizarre reason are unavailable in Kunming, can anyone confirm?) in Thailand because I know that I don't want to try to find these things in China. In terms of doctors, they all speak good English and I'd much rather trust a Thai doctor than a doctor in Kunming. In fact, if I ever got sick in Kunming, I'd take the first flight out to Bangkok (I have travel insurance anyway) to seek treatment there.

I have never attempted to exchange Yuan into a foreign currency in Kunming, always thought it was too difficult to find a place willing to do it so I never even bothered (although I hear the BOC can help). Save your energy and get a better exchange rate for Yuan even at Bangkok or Chiang Mai airports. Alternatively you can try the moneychanger at Kunming's new Changshui airport, although their rates could be a bit better.

If you don't smoke, take drugs or even drink much, Thailand is heaven when it comes to partying. Much more fun than Kunming, 100x more choice and smoking is not allowed in nightclubs and this is largely enforced and adhered to. Smoking was banned in nightclubs back in 2007 and before then I always wondered why Thailand was so behind compared to say, Australia which banned smoking in nightclubs about 10 years earlier, depending on the state. However, now that Thailand has caught up that only leaves China, especially Yunnan.

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