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JanJal (1243 posts) • 0

One thing that may speak for more "dog liberties" in Chinese cities than in their western counterparts, is that here badly behaved dogs are removed from the "gene pool" much faster.

Somewhere else, with tighter requirements to keep dogs on leash and played only in designated areas (which are also made available) etc, observing those requirements may result in keeping some dogs (both individuals and certain breeds) as pets that would not survive in Chinese system.

In this perspective, when accidents happen (say a leash breaks loose), results can be worse in western countries.

In China, this risk is smaller so dogs are let go "anywhere they want".

Yes, go ahead and replace "dogs" with "people" in the above comment.

cloudtrapezer (756 posts) • 0

I saw a Kunming wolf-dog (昆明犬)wandering nonchalantly on its own the other day. I guess noone was going to interfere with its freedom to roam. But generally, round our way at least, I rarely see unaccompanied dogs, and people clean up after their pets. In small Tibetan towns packs of feral dogs used to be a common sight. In Tbilisi capital of Georgia there are hundreds of well fed strays fast asleep in the streets but uncannily no sign of dogshit. Not sure what any of this means. No cryptic message intended.

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