What is bad about Kunming and Yunnan?

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US Cops usually only get in your face if you're not white and or drive a crappy car - except when it's time to do drunk driver traffic stops etc - to hit their quotas - it's all about counting beans - not doing genuine protective services.

JanJal (697 posts) • +2

I think that what ever problems there are with China in general, can be expected to be understood and accepted by anyone coming to Kunming or any other city in the country, well in advance.

However, foreigners who have not experienced Kunming or other less than first tier cities, may not be so familier with some issues that are specific to these smaller cities.

At least to me it was somewhat of a surprise, that despite the image of strong central government, reforms decided in Beijing (even if said to be implemented nationwide) may take several years to be implemented here.

Mountains are still high and the emperor is still far away.

Such problems may not present themselves to random English teachers or retirees who just need a place to settle (professionally or otherwise).

But if you want to make business of some kind, or in certain way, then these smaller cities add a layer of complexity that you may not encounter in Shanghai or Beijing - of course the first tiers have their own unique problems too.

And because most foreigners go to the first tier cities, that's also what majority of information available on internet applies to.

Foreigners may read and be well informed about tea house scams and other Shanghai problems, but find completely different problems in (for example) Kunming.

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