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One month stay in Kunming

Lucky lucy (11 posts) • 0

Hey guys

I am a chinese student from Sichuan province
I will be volunteering and traveling in Yunnan,Kunming for about a month.(If i really like Yunnan, i may stay longer)
i will be in Kunming on the 23th.

I have never been to Yunnan before, here are a few things that i wanna know about,

1.Kunming is known as the spring city. It is not hot these days right? So i guess i can just pack my skirts and come? and it doesn't rain that much,right? I heard the sunlight is quite strong though.

2.What places in Kunming that you recommend me to visit?
Any kind of advice is appreciated!!(It can be a small restaurant, it can be a nice store, or a famous spot.... anything u can think of)
Not just in Kunming, if it worth it, i would like to travel hours to other cities in Yunnan too. I know the famous ones,like Lijiang.. But i heard that are many not-so-famous yet beautiful villages in Yunnan.

3.I'd like to meet new people too, locals and foreigners, boys and girls, young and old... haha! I like yunnan quite a lot though i have never been there before..


Lucky lucy (11 posts) • 0

Hello Lucy,

It's cool we have the same name:) though its just my english name.

I volunteer for TFC (Teach For China)


They recruited some American volunteers to teach in some suburban areas in China. and my task is to help those Americans with their Mandarin. Cuz they will be working in some countryside where nobody speaks English. So they need to learn some survival chinese.

I will be organzing some small activities for them, grade some of their homework, and translate some papers, some office hours...


AlexKMG (2364 posts) • 0

I think TFC is structured as a fellowship program, so you get neither missionaries or backpackers. If it's anything like Kiva fellowships, you get amazingly adept foreign university students who become future high level technocrats.

Lucky lucy (11 posts) • 0

Alex you are right, you have to sign the contract and commit at least 2 years to get the fellowship.
I don't think they are missionaries or backpackers, not that i know of...LOL

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