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Laowai in Beijing trys to rape girl...

blobbles (958 posts) • 0

Check out this pretty terrible video footage (viewer discretion advised) of a drunk and stupid laowai who tried to rape a girl in the middle of the road in Beijing. Her screaming "I don't know him!" before he is approached by other Chinese. Thank god for her the people didn't do their normal ignoring trick of anything that's not their problem...

Later on in the clip someone that probably knows the girl attacks him when he is coma'd on the ground. Just desserts I say...


Already people in China are scared of us enough (my girlfriends family is still worried a little I will try and sell her...) without this sort of behaviour. Hope he is locked up and the key thrown away.

rick dikulous (18 posts) • 0

Dude, are you serious?

Seems to me that what you are doing here is part of the problem. "Laowai" are not some new species of exotic animal, they are just people.Immigrants, tourists, foreign workers, and so on. That they are not locals is no fault of their own, and has nothing to do with being drunk rapists.

What you are proposing with this is really ugly. A suitable analogy might be something like the kind of internalized,reverse racism from the old days of the USA- "uncle tom" is the term, I think.

People are raped in Beijing and other cities in this world every day or every week, by every kind of person. It doesn't matter really where that person is from at all. Rape, not foreignness, is the problem. Why don't you write about that?

How many times does it need to be said, you are not responsible for other peoples' prejudices, and that includes the possible prejudices of certain Chinese nationals against whoever. If you are not doing bad things to people, no one has a right to come down on you for your skin color, 1st language, nationality, or what have you.

And most Chinese nationals get that, and therefore won't be prejudiced against you because of some drunk rapist in Beijing. And if they are, you should put them in their place, not apologize or call for harsher punishments for non Chinese. Are you a drunk rapist?
My guess is no. Have their been violent pogroms against laowai in china lately, with an event like this being the spark that could set of a powder keg? Again, no. So this has nothing to do with you or me.

Ironically, by acting the diplomat, you are adding to the divide that you are worrying about . Please stop.

Chingis (242 posts) • 0

Blobbles, things are not always as they may first seem. This video has at least one edit, and aside from that none of us has any idea of what preceded it and what went on off- camera.

I'd suggest reserving judgement, and letting the wheels of justice take their course.

blobbles (958 posts) • 0

Well, OK rick, but it seems you are in denial of a few things. Firstly, many Chinese have prejudice against us white foreigners. They call us "lao wai" as a group and put us all into one box. Whether you like it or not, it exists. A big reason why this exists is prior exploitation of Chinese by westerners. I am not taking responsibility for this guy or this prejudice, but I do want it to change.

Secondly, many white foreigners (I'm looking at Gaoxing here!) believe that coming to China to chase tail is absolutely fine. A small minority also believe that forcing yourself on a Chinese woman is also OK. In my mind, it is not OK for foreigners to come and try and exploit Chinese people in any way. And I would like to advertise to other foreigners who think the behaviour is OK, that it clearly is not. Well, I hope if any read this they will learn that the behaviour is highly unacceptable here, just as it is in the west.

This incredibly individualistic notion that "You are in no way responsible for the actions or prejudices of others" that you purport to is complete BS. We all influence our own culture by our actions and interactions with each other. We therefore bear a portion of responsibility of how our cultural identity and in turn how we are viewed by other cultures. As an example, I tell my friends when they visit to take their shoes off when entering Asian homes and teach them to say "nin hao" to older people in China. This has a generally positive effect. Or alternately I could start a hate group against Asians in my country and spend all my income distributing racist hate leaflets. In both ways I influence my cultural fellows actions and the perception of them in the eyes of Asian people. To deny there is a cultural gap between China and western cultures is silly. Also to deny cultures form opinions of others according to their own values is silly. It happens, so we must think carefully about our inter-cultural interactions.

I am against rape in all forms. But when it is perpetrated against a Chinese person by a white foreigner it has the additional effect of reinforcing prejudices often taught to Chinese people by their elders. I want to make it clear that other white foreigners know this is NOT OK. Standing up against bad behaviour is a responsibility for all of us. Remember that not standing up against wrongs of the world is tacit agreement. Standing up against wrongs informs others that said action is not OK. If we simply let this slip under the radar without saying "This guy does not represent all of us!" we help to reinforce the prejudice through what appears to be tacit agreement in the eyes of the prejudiced.

Chingis, please. A woman is thrust into a bush on the road struggling while screaming "I don't know him!" and a drunk buy is between her legs. She sobs hysterically when released. I don't know where you come from, if you think this isn't attempted rape, I don't know what sort of evidence you require to make a judgement. No means No where I come from weather you are drunk or not. The guy is clearly doing more than restraining the woman and his size shows how much stronger he is than her.

123go (145 posts) • 0

Good Chinese men. That's why beijing has its own spirit. Which also be shown on the street(voted by the residents). More about money or power. We know good people also weve seen the badness.

roberto (24 posts) • 0

That's a very interesting thread, rick dikolous your point makes absolutely sense but the truth is that china is not ready yet for that cosmopolitan mentality, maybe the more open minded people thinks like you but they are definitely a minority.

Most people still divide the world in zhong guo ren e lao wai and I think for the chinese culture a foreigner disrespecting a local is more serious then the same thing happening between chinese. They wouldn't do something disrespectful in a foreign country, or if somebody would do it the others would kick hjs ass and then apologize for him just for the fact to share the same nationality even if they would have nothing to do with what happened.

Many people are labeled chinese before human, being mainstream and part of a community is a value for this culture more than being a free mind, they even have idioms on that. Recently there was a reportage about a foreign guy who helped some locals in trouble while chinese completely ignored them and the news emphasizes that as a "losing face" for China. Most people agreed on that. That's not propaganda, it's just the way many people thinks, probably it will change in a future but for now it's like that...

Dazzer (2813 posts) • 0


We don't have all the facts. But I have one key question for you.

Do you think that feeding this image of the 'foreign devil' is likely to do any good, or does it have the potential to do only harm?

I think the latter.

blobbles (958 posts) • 0


On this site, where a high level of English is used, the site is read, frequented and aimed at a lao wai audience. As such, I am "feeding the image" mainly to fellow lao wai. As such, it has the potential to illustrate to other lao wai, who view this site as a reference before coming to China, that this behaviour is definitely not OK. It has already been in the news in China and done the rounds on QQ. I did not post this to my Chinese friends QQ pages or promote it on any Chinese website.

You are right using your phrase. The guy obviously sh@ where we/he ate. I am trying to stop other lao wai doing the same by reinforcing to all lao wai that this behaviour is not acceptable. I hope this is clear.

YuantongsiYuantongsi (717 posts) • 0

Awful for the lady, For some more info. msn.ynet.com/3.1/1205/10/7077136.html

"The lady was by herself on the subway when the English guy approached her and asked for the time, he then followed her and sexually assaulted her (groped her),,,,,,,,,The English man is on a tourist visa and is now in detention."
Hi Blobbles it appears that the guys that stopped the sexual assault from getting worse then attacked (seriously enough for the police to take him to hospital later) the English guy didn't know him. In many countries the police would charged both the English guy for the sexual assault AND the people who later attacked him for some form of assault.
Its nice to remember that in China the police can put you in detention for basically as long as they want before they charge you.

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