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Kunming there can learn western food?

summer wolf (6 posts) • 0

We want to learn some authentic western food, don't know there are teaching?We are very interested in western food, what is the hope that the big cooking school, even private teaching can also.

Georgia (18 posts) • 0

Summer, if you'd like to do private lessons, I could offer some in my home. I write about food and develop recipes for American magazines for a living, and I'd be happy to teach American, Italian, and French-style dishes, as well as any other specific foods you like.

summer wolf (6 posts) • 0

hi,Georgia.Yes, my mother and I are very interested to western food,and my mother Chinese food is doing well.I'm willing to learn any western food.

summer wolf (6 posts) • 0

I want to learn pasta,and Cheese cake.But I now have no oven,So I want to first or from simple the study of it.Can you give me some recipes?
this my emil <huangyating_28@126.com>
very thank you Would you like to teach me western food.

tigertiger - moderator (5084 posts) • 0

If you cannot find a teacher, look for video on the internet.

Learning from a recipe is not good enough as it does not teach you technique. I have had horrendous approximations of European dishes across the world, because the cook followed a recipe from a book but knew nothing about technique. e.g. Chopped tomatoes boiled in milk, with added salt and pepper. This does not equal cream of tomato soup.

There are many good how to cook videos on the internet. And sometimes you will need some additional support in understanding what is meant by some of the culinary terms (e.g. beat until stiff).

Some skill is also needed in choosing substitute ingredients, as not all ingredients in the recipe will be available.

Georgia (18 posts) • 0

Hi Summer,

I can easily teach you pasta without an oven. I have an oven at my apartment, and I'd be happy to teach you cheese cake, but you will need an oven to make one at home. If you'd like to have classes, please let me know. (If you message me, I'll send you my contact info.)

TigerTiger is right however. Before you can learn from recipes, you'd need to know how to follow Western recipes. The ways of measuring from American or European recipes are very specific, and the ways of cutting things up, etc are also very specific. Following a recipe without learning the techniques first would not give you the result you're looking for.

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