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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Press Contact at Tourism Office?

I'm a former Kunming resident, and I'm headed back to report a story about er kuai for an American magazine. I'll be in Yunnan just after Golden Week, and I need to find contacts in Kunming, Dali, and Tengchong who can help me set up factory tours, learn about the food's history, etc. If anyone has a contact they can pass on, I would be very grateful. (And I'd be more than happy to treat helpful people to dinner when I'm in town!) Thanks so much.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Driver/Guide Needed

I need a driver/guide for a trip to southeastern Yunnan (Wenshan/Puzhehei/Jianshui area) in late Sept. Two adults and a baby, so the car must be comfortable and safe. If there's a guide who knows the area really, really well, we will pay for a separate driver. Any recommendations?

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Contacts Around Lake Lugu?

I'm planning a trip to Lake Lugu at the end of the summer, and I'd love to find some locals who can teach me to make some local foods. I'd be happy to work with local cooks or restaurant owners. And, of course, I would compensate the cooks for their time and the food. Any suggestions? Hotel/guesthouse recommendations would be welcome too.


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I'm starting to think this is the best Western food in Kunming. They don't have anything as upscale as Sandra's Friday steaks, and the menu is small, but the fluffy, blistered pizza crusts are a small miracle, and the brisket sandwich and Vietnamese chicken salad would be favorites at any small cafe in the states. We took a little while to come around to this conclusion, since a couple of our first visits were marred by too much bad sauce on the pizza and a couple instances of bad service, but the staff seems to be responding well to comments, and everything's been wonderful recently.

The cafe is also a great, quiet place to work in the afternoons with a smoothie or some coffee.


Really lovely little place. Very friendly, and they grabbed one of the other customers who spoke English to help us order when we arrived. Their homemade dried tofu skin stir-fried with vegetables was really delicious as was their xiang chun (Chinese toon) when prepared cold.