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Anything happening on Chinese NY's?

coco1 (23 posts) • 0

Last year I was living in a small town and there were lots of things going on, really exciting.

What usually goes on in KM during Chinese NY's? (Jan 23)

blobbles (958 posts) • 0

Usually everyone goes back to their home town so the streets are pretty empty :-)

Of course as more people end up living, being born and growing up in Kunming, more people will start calling Kunming home. So theoretically there should be more and more people here every year...

I was here last year for CNY and hung out with some Chinese friends here. We let off fireworks and there was a big fireworks display at the Tudong stadium, not far from Wenlin Jie...

chris (144 posts) • 0

I find CNY to be one of the nicest times to be in KM - as blobbles said, the streets quiet down quite a bit, which is always a pleasant change of pace.

GoKunming will put together something about which venues are open and which are closed during the holiday. (Attention local cafe/restaurant/bar owners: please send us your CNY plans as soon as they're decided.)

coco1 (23 posts) • 0

Cool, I hope there is something exciting on! Kunming is a pretty big city (a lot bigger than the one I was in last year) so I'm hoping there will be something! :)

I went to a temple last year, it was amazing... all the congmingdeng in the sky, smoky incense filled air, throwing money everywhere (whatever happens to that money in the morning I wonder?) :)

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