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Best way to send a document from the US to Kunming?

bethinkunming (6 posts) • 0

Can anyone tell me the best (easiest/most secure and most certain that the letter will be received) to send a letter (with a document) to Kunming from the United States? The preference is not to deliver to a residence, but to have it held until it can be picked up. I have checked FEDEX International - and was told that there is an office where the package could be picked up? Also, anyone know where DHL Express deliveries would be held?

tigertiger - moderator (5089 posts) • 0

I have had DHL mess up delivery on 2 out of 2 packages in Kunming. And on one occasion report as undeliverable. Even though there was a phone number DHL never called.

NingSi (61 posts) • 0

I need to send a set of apartment keys from the U.S. to Kunming. How many days does it take using the fastest possible method via DHL or another express mail service? And is DHL an ok option (the other threads seem to say it's ok if you can pick up from a non-residential address or from their office?)?
It's a bit urgent so I thank you for any info.

AlexKMG (2361 posts) • 0

I had my brother mail from the US post office some documents. It takes 3-5 days. The Chinese post office ems guts will try to deliver it. I emailed my brother the Chinese address and my Chinese mobile so he could print it out and ask the US post office to tape it on the mailer also. I think he filled out the pinyin address I gave him on the address form. At delivery, the Chinese ems guy will call the mobile number and I went downstairs to pick it up. I think keys would be ok instead of documents, but might depend on how annoying or nice the postal worker at counter is. UPS is much easier, but more expensive, still should provide them address in Chinese and a Chinese number. UPS can probably guarantee 3 days and possibly do it in 2 if you drop off early enough and pay more. Most UPS offices in China are pretty far out from city center. Don't know where the Kunming one is. I think they can deliver to both residential and business. Just the pricing goes up if it's a business address. US Post Office is same price for res or biz. Also, all times mentioned mean working days, so weekends holidays don't count.

Geezer (1947 posts) • 0

DHL, UPS and FEDEX all work. US Post Office also works.

Key is to have your mobile number on the envelope. Most times you will get a call but your Chinese had better be good enough.

I made up a mailing label my sons would put on the envelope. Top portion was in English in the American style. The bottom half was in Chinese (汉字) in the Chinese style. Delivery was much faster this way.

AlPage48 (1279 posts) • 0

I totally agree with that idea of having a phone number. We've had things mailed to us that for some reason went to a post office down near the south train station, which is not the normal delivery point for our mail. Apparently it has something to do with some code and country of origin. If not for the phone number we would not have received the mail.

bucko (691 posts) • 0

I have used them all. The only consistent reliable service is USPS. You must have a phone number on the label as well. Send registered mail only. You will get it, and they are also the fastest.
You are allowed 2 address lines on the label. 26 characters max each line.

tigertiger - moderator (5089 posts) • 0

I am always asked for a phone number. But make sure it is the phone number of a Chinese speaker if you can.

I will echo the double labeling. When we do it we will use the courier label (required) and in addition stick on a piece of paper with the address in English and Chinese.

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