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Seeking place to get away

okbears (11 posts) • 0

My wife and I have been in Kunming for a few years studying Chinese and are looking for a family-friendly place to get out of the city for a few days. Where do you go when you want to get outside the city for a day or two? It doesn't matter whether it's a typical "tourist" location (Dali, Lijiang) or not and anything from a hostel to a hotel is fine. Please email us with any recommendations and what you like about it.

oklahoma.bears AT

erikluv (2 posts) • 0

hi, this is eric, from xiangri-la, saw your post on gokunming, and wanna recommend xiangri-la as your get-away place. the whether here these days is little bit cold but not that cold and i guess it is not a big deal for you. there are many places to visit here.

okbears (11 posts) • 0

Hi Eric,

Thanks for the help. Can you recommend a good place to stay in Xiangri-la that would be good for a family with kids?

colinflahive (167 posts) • 0

Shaxi is a pretty awesome place, especially if you like hiking and want a beautiful rural experience. The owner of the guesthouse who runs this website speaks great English too.

geosax (14 posts) • 0

Just checked out the above website about Shaxi. Just wondering if anyone did the Mr. Wu experience (hiking, horseback, mushroom picking, etc.)? How was it? Would it be fun to do solo? thx

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