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Help Me Locate My Son

JonathanMiller (76 posts) • 0

Hello -

Eight weeks ago my son, Nicholas Irving Miller, who turned two years old this week, was taken from my home by his mother.

She left with Nick when I was not home and by lying to the nanny that Nick was sick and that she was taking him to the hospital.

She has turned off her phone, she has told no one where she has taken my son and she has made no attempt to contact me.

I have contacted the Kunming police who said they could do nothing and contacted the police in her hometown of Qujing City, Yunnan Province who asked around, said she has not been there, but heard that she has taken my son to Hainan.

I am sad, desperate, discouraged and fell I have no where to turn.

I love my son and want him back home with me and his brother.



John Xie (109 posts) • 0

I feel sorry for you. I think you need a local detective to help you. here's their contact 0871-6532258 13099438323 . and I could get you comunicated with them if you need. my phone 13354949490

EnglishTeacher (101 posts) • 0

If you read his other posts, you will read that this guy is a clown.

JonathanMiller (76 posts) • 0

Who the fuck are you EnglishTeacher? You don't know me. You have never met me. I am a father, business man and someone who contributes to society. You teach English in KM because? You are someone that in someones time of need only has bad things to say - which says a lot for your character. Go hate somewhere else.

Chingis (242 posts) • 0

What nationality are your children Jonathan?

There is a guy that used to live in Kunming until recently who may have had a similar experience to yourself, which he successfully resolved. He may have some advice, or not.

JonathanMiller (76 posts) • 0

Chingis -

Both children are Chinese although neither have ID cards, registration nor passports.

I have been trying to get them US citizenship, but their mother has resisted.

I would very much appreciate assistance from someone who has been through something similar.


Chingis (242 posts) • 0

I'm sure someone here can bring it to this persons attention then. I'm afraid I do not have their contact details.

EnglishTeacher (101 posts) • 0

Here are some of your previous posts and yes you are right, I DON'T want to know you.

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outsider (35 posts) • 0

Jonathan, if your boy is Chinese, and taken by his mother, you are in a very difficult situation here. As Chinese law will not consider it an abduction. For what I see, you have two choices: 1. Hire a private detective to track them down, and make negotiation with the mother; 2. Report to the Embassy/Consulate, see if you can get any help/suggestion from them, they might just tell you to hire an US attorney to make it a court case.

I don't see either way will you get a quick and satisfactory result, but as a father, you may want to try anything you can. Truly feel for you, good luck.

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