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traveling China by train

taejonwill (37 posts) • 0

Last summer I wanted to travel to Chengdu by train. When I went to get a ticket, I was told no go, train tickets were all sold out. I took a plane to Chengdu instead, when I got Chengdu I asked about taking the train back to Kunming; I was told all the train tickets had been sold out for about 3 months previous. I can not plan that far ahead to travel. There are no roads between Sichuan and Yunnan that buses will take. Is there a way to buy tickets and travel around China. I would love to take a month and travel around China by train, but it seems that everybody else in China wants to do it too. Is it possible?

Maldinib (12 posts) • 0

To log on to www.ctrip.com or www.travelinchina.com may help,or please contact me at [email protected] because I'm just in charge of travel businesses.Hope it works!

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