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sheesh.. Gokunming blocked!?!?

somenick (107 posts) • 0

I hope this is temporary, but both gokunming and gochengdu time out if trying to connect from behind GFW or GFC ..

Anyone else having problems connecting to GoKunming?

debaser (635 posts) • 0

have had the same problem several times recently. works fine for me with a proxy though. usually sorts itself out in an hour or two...

somenick (107 posts) • 0

First firefox shows "resolving gokunming.com" .. then waiting for "Gokunming.com" then I get the famous "connection reset"
Only happens without using a proxy..

laotou (1714 posts) • 0

You MAY also want to try resetting your DSL modem (if gokm is mission critical to your life) - wait a few minutes - see if you can get a new IP address.

I've looked at the network management of the chinese telcos - it's abysmal - so resetting your ADSL assigned IP (assuming you're DHCP) can usually resolve many irritating ISP problems - slow network, time-outs, etc. This is the LOWEST level of network troubleshooting (well, there's the power on/off, also known as the O.N.O.F.F. solution...get it?)...

Dan's opendns solution is at a much higher level in network troubleshooting, but China telco DNS hangs are normal for crappy lazy telcos. Just hope and pray the telcos don't know how to block external dns traffic yet...

somenick (107 posts) • 0

@laotou: what's a modem? :P
on-off makes sense to if other websites aren't loading, but I only had a problem with gokm...

I tried changing the DNS from in my router. Looks good so far, I'll try for a few days and see if browsing is faster.
I'm writing this without a proxy now, but with opendns

AlPage48 (1297 posts) • 0

I get timed out all the time on various sites, with or without my VPN on. It just seems to be a random disconnect, even to the VPN. I'll give a try to the O.N.O.F.F. solution.

OceanOcean (1190 posts) • 0

I also find I can't access GoKunming at various times, and I don't use a VPN or proxy. But other sites seem to come and go, too, to be fair.

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