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Visa medical

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I have to get my medical for a visa

I have been given the address.

Does anyone know the following: ?
Opening hours?
Is it medicals in the morning and admin in the afternoons?
Do I need photos in Kunming?
How long does it take to get the report back?
Is the med centre foreigner friendly with clear instructions/signs in English?

Any advice welcomed.

no way (104 posts) • 0

the clinic is located out by the airport.
no signs, other than some kind of traveler's
health clinic on the building. it's behind some
jet fuel storage tanks. a bit hard to find.
the address i have on my health cert is
you take the #52 to the airport, then it's about
a 5-10 minute walk.
i believe they have normal operating hours 9-5,
and a longish lunch break.
you need a couple photos.
you can do the medical in morning or afternoon.
costs around 350 rmb.
you get the booklet in 3-4 days.
doctors/nurses speak very little english.

Karina17 (70 posts) • 0

I will need to do a medical check for a visa, but for Taiwan, not China (working visa).

Is this clinic doing only medical check for Chinese visa or you can go there for visa of other countries as well ?

Karina17 (70 posts) • 0

Thanx, I have already asked Taiwan, I am waiting for their answer, but I am pretty sure it's gonna be fine for them.
The problem is I am not sure if this particular clinic is doing for other visa than chinese.

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