How can I get English Language Television TV T.V. ?

Ocean (1125 posts) • 0

Thanks for this. A small, but important, typo on the Tudou section is "subscription free" which I think should be "subscription fee". Again, thank you.

AlexKMG (2353 posts) • 0

Nice page, thx. Had to use vpn to acesss the .org.

The xiao mi TV box also makes English shows accessible with those same providers. No english menu, but you can just keep clicking around with remote and find what you want thanks to icon menu. The xiao mi box won't bypass subscription if you're wondering.

Alexez (339 posts) • 0

anybody update / advice how to get Eng. speaking channels on TV? Ive checked Xiao mi box , doesn't say anything about foreign channels. anyrhing available without vpn. its for my friend ,he can buy whatever box needs for it, I just can't find anything.

darkone264 (108 posts) • -1

getting a tv box or other things may or may not work. as I am sure you have access to a computer with internet I highly recommend www.ttmeiju.com it has most english (british, american) tv shows usually available to download upon broadcast in the west and streaming with in an hour after it finishes broadcasting typical quality is 720p if you wait about 24 hours 1080p is available

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