Getting a chinese visa in hong kong

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Has anybody ever got a new visa or extended a current one in hong kong? If so, can i please have details of exactly where and the process involved, thanks.

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yeah just go to the Chinese consulate and apply. Google their website and it'll give you the info. I am Canadian and had no problems-3 days was express, 4 is regular, and express is 1 day if you need it that quick.

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How to get a chinese visa in Hong Kong:


Moreover there are several travel agencies in the city that doing the job for you. Apply before 10am and they provide it for the same day 6pm.
Take the MTR Railway from Shenzhen (Luohu )to Central (name of the station) and go to EVERBEST, Address: Ground Floor, 28B Stanley Street, Central, HK.
Tel: 2522-1985 www.hkstreet.com/misc/agent_everbest.htm

But you can also leave the MTR at HungHom and take a small bus to Tsimshautsui (15 minutes). There are several other agencies doin this job.

Good luck!

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"Not all nations are allowed to do so in HongKong"
Q1) Can someone confirm this? What nationalities are not allowed VISA in HK?
Q2) I was also told that travel agencies in HK might be able to get longer term visa's. Anyone know any travel agencies in HK that apply for VISA's to China?
Q3) I found out that I need a visa to get into HK, could I apply for one in Shenzhen, if so, where?

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I'm Lebanese, one of a kind in Kunming.
I'm on a Resident permit, renewed once, now expired but my contract also expired, and I can't find an employer to extend.
Ideally, I'd like to extend my Z-visa, but I'm not picky.

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I always use www.fbt-chinavisa.com.hk
Nice, helpful and fast.

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If you are not changing the status of your visa, e.g. a 'Z' for a 'Z' then you should not have to leave China.

However, if you change from your 'Z' to an 'F', for example, you will need a border run.

There are a number of employers looking for people, ESL and other teachers now. They are desperate as some start new programs/terms April 6th. The fact that you are not a native speaker may not bother them so close to the deadline.

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