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How to get a chinese visa in Hong Kong:[...]

Moreover there are several travel agencies in the city that doing the job for you. Apply before 10am and they provide it for the same day 6pm.
Take the MTR Railway from Shenzhen (Luohu )to Central (name of the station) and go to EVERBEST, Address: Ground Floor, 28B Stanley Street, Central, HK.
Tel: 2522-1985

But you can also leave the MTR at HungHom and take a small bus to Tsimshautsui (15 minutes). There are several other agencies doin this job.

Good luck!


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My top 3 is undoubtly Qingdao, Nanning,Shenzhen.
@ abcdabcd: I am living in Nanning and feel home and relaxed in this not too large, green,
and clean city. Moreover, the people are extremely friendly.


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