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Lucyy (5 posts) • +1

anyone know where in Kunming I can find an English corner to practice English/Chinese with locals?

John Xie (109 posts) • 0

12 years ago, it was at the east lakeside of the Green Lake, every Thursday night.

maybe you could practice with me, I'm local Chinese. Above averay English level (as for non-native speaker).

[email protected]

justanna111 (5 posts) • 0

go to TCG-Nordic, LOFT. U can take bus No.4,22,62 there. it runs for 10 years by some young artists from Eur, best english corner in KMG. every monday at 8 pm.

JingWei (30 posts) • 0

The Language Corner at Green Lake is still running, but it tends to be a lots of Chinese people jumping on a few English speakers.

We have an English & game corner at Gemen Game Cafe, 136 Wenlin jie.

It is every Monday from 7.30 and there is between 15 to 30 people coming every week.

Games are a perfect excuse to talk with other people and have a good time.

There is a game fee of 5rmb for the evening.

Have a nice time

Kiwi3 (61 posts) • 0

Suggestion - get that listed in the events calender on this site. It typically is a bit bare and is mostly bar promotions, it would be nice to know what else like this is happening in Kunming.

onlyone (156 posts) • 0

Who runs and organizes TCG-Nordic English corner, In which aspects it's the best in the city

JingWei (30 posts) • 0

English corner during the summer? I don't think a lot of them run right now but expect an explosion of them in September, like every September!

Event list on Gokunming, definitely the way to go.

TCG-Nordica best english corner? That's a bold assertion :) Seriously it all depends of what you are looking for in an English corner, flirting or no flirting, basic level or advance level. Frankly I think that most English corners are pretty equals and their "quality" depends mostly of the balanced between Chineses and foreigners as well as a balance between student and young professionals. Having run a corner myself and watch one being run in my cafe, I can tell you that people are very feeble, coming one week and then not again for a month or two. It means that every time everybody spend their time introducing themselves (thus repeating endlessly the same things).

So unless English corner is an excuse to flirt, I suggest that you join some kind of social activities that will give you a chance to meet chinese people and practice your chinese, but summer might be the wrong time to do so, unless your trying to get with a slightly older crowd.

BarbaraBarbara (63 posts) • 0

Hi Lucy
We have an English Corner at Slice of Heaven at 168 Hong Shan Dong Lu every Friday from about 7.30. You would be most welcome.

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