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L Visa extension

Yereth (86 posts) • 0

Hi guys,

my 3 months L visa (tourist) expires the 5th of january. I know I should go to Beijing Lu to extend it, but I was wondering if I can just go a day beforehand, and if the extension starts on the day my visa expires, or on the day I go to the office.

Anyone with recent experiences or some advice?

Thanks in advance!

kal1982 (11 posts) • 0

I would imagine it starts on the day it is granted, but i could be wrong. Maybe extending is different from a new visa altogether.

I need to do something similar myself, so if you get it sorted, please post back here. Basically i will be coming to Kunming again, but with a single entry L Visa for 60 or 90 days, and want to know how easy it is to get it extended for a further 30 to 60 days and where to get it done, costs etc. This saves the hassle of getting a double entry visa and having to exit after the first entry is used up etc.

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