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Advice on allergies - please help!

birdabroad (40 posts) • 0

I'm inquiring on behalf of someone who is having a bad allergy problem: he often goes to rural areas of Yunnan to work and seems to have some kind of environmental allergic reaction every time he goes. A prescription antihistamine from the US doesn't seem to be helping in the longterm. When he comes back to Kunming the allergies clear right up.

Does anyone know of a doctor to see in Kunming who could help treat or diagnose allergies? Many thanks!

BillyRay (4 posts) • -1


I don't know any doctor in Kunming, however it may be worth googling the word Amaroli. This is the ancient Indian yoga practice of consuming one's own urine either orally or by using a neti pot and pouring the urine through either nostril. Each practice offers different benefits.

It has been known to cure many different forms of allergies and i drink mine on a daily basis, maybe that's why most of my dates seem to lurch backward when i attempt to whisper sweet nothings, and have recommended it to people with allergies with positive results. So if your friend is game for a rather 'alternative' form of therapy feel free to email me for more info.

But tell him not to worry we'll steer clear of doing it gan bei!!

kickkick (51 posts) • 0

yeah, its probably better to take a more considered approach - consider appearance, aroma, complexity, characteristics, in mouth sensations, finish... of the wee... that you are drinking... on a daily basis... you deviant.

viking_229 (7 posts) • 0

What are the symptoms?
skin or respitory?
if it is sinus / respitory
mild saline (salt water) rinses in the nose.
alot of molds in rural areas.. maybe consider a different rural area..
i dont think i could handle the piss remedies.
go to www.webmd.com it is a great source of info.

OceanOcean (1193 posts) • 0

I (and another foreign colleague at work) have been suffering badly from some sort of allergic reaction for the last few weeks. I wondered if anyone else has been having similar symptoms and/or knows why it might be.....

Details: I used to have an allergy to certain pollen in UK, but never had a problem in 10+ years living in China. However, I'm now getting itchy eyes, sneezing and sore throat. It's not a cold. It comes and goes in certain rooms, times etc. Haven't spotted a pattern yet. Anti-histamine (Clarityne) doesn't seem to stop it, as it used to with UK pollen. Anyone else having similar difficulties...?

colinflahive (167 posts) • 0

I've totally had it the last few weeks too. I seem to get it here every year about this time. I think it's pine pollen but I don't know. Usually gone by the end of this month. Friend now has me started on Chinese meds... Wumei Wan (乌梅丸) and Cangerzi (苍耳子). Only just starting, so not sure how effective yet. Will try to keep updates.

laotou (1714 posts) • 0

Kunming is the flower capital of the world (or one of them). In addition to a rather large variety of pollens, Yunnan is also home to some of the most diverse mushroom populations - mushrooms "spore" - usually during rainstorms.

For saline washes - my old doc buddy in the US told me to carry a pack of contact lens saline washes. When your nose gets stuffy and itchy - shove one of those things up your nose and squirt. It ain't pleasant - but it works for a while AND it's just saline aka clean.

The herbal remedies usually take a week to kick in - and I'm pretty damned miserable by then (although a chest caked with Vicks vaporub helps tremendously).

If you're not allergic to Vicks mentholated vaporub (or mentholatum) - bring a small tub and slather it over your chest and back when the mood strikes - you'll stink like the moth balls (maybe keeps mosquitoes away too) - but at least you'll have somewhat clear breathing for a few hours.

HFCAMPO (3062 posts) • 0

I suffer from allergies every year in SEP/OCT here in Yunnan. I have NO problems throughout the year except for these 2 months. I NO longer use western medicine for seasonal allergies which merely treats the symptoms and dries my mouth and nasal passages.

For the last 7 years I have been using TCM and a doctor prepares traditional herbs which I boil and drink daily. This concoction immediately relieves the runny nose, watery and itchy eyes, and the sneezing.

I have tried several doctors but NOT all know how to treat me. I had the best results from 1 doctor near my home in Dali who I now visit every year.

I also have the pictures and names of each ingredient he prescribes to me so I have learned a lot about TCM.

OceanOcean (1193 posts) • 0

It's that time of year, folks. Wonder if any others have been sneezing and rubbing their eyes these last few days?

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