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2 Covid cases in Chengong?

fabey (25 posts) • 0

Data from the NHC shows the Mainland province with the most number of days in 2021 with reported local symptomatic covid cases is none other than Yunnan (with 92 days).

Followed by Heilongjiang, Hebei, and Bejing.

Graphic chart ranking of all provinces compiled by Reuters:


The steady influx of imported cases as a bordering SW province to various neighbors, particularly the one across Ruili, is probably the main contributor for Yunnan.

fabey (25 posts) • +3

Good news. Kunming's tracking/tracing code back to normal from previous elevated medium-high risk status.

fabey (25 posts) • 0

Also, the suspension of tours has been lifted for most cities in Yunnan. Welcoming news for a portion of the local economy.

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