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Avoid Air Travel, Cancellation Rates Increasing

AlexKMG (2385 posts) • 0

Just a public service announcement.

I spoke with a Xiamen Airlines office agent and found out cancellation rates are increasing for both international and domestic routes. She said this wasn't idiosyncratic to her airline. It's happening across the board.

I was trying to buy an international flight from Kunming to Los Angeles and she warned me that cancellations are increasing and delays of days are not unheard of after a cancellation. With a 3 day negative test required to enter the USA and a CDC requirement that travel needs to occur in that 72 hour timeframe, I have to reconsider returning end of this month and hope the PSB will kindly grant another 30 day extension.

DanDare (141 posts) • +1

If you really need to get back, it might be better to fly to a tier 1 city like Shanghai, Beijing and exit China from there. More flights means cancelations soon redirected.

AlPage48 (1371 posts) • +1

I see that some airlines are also not giving refunds on cancellation but are instead just giving a voucher for future travel.

Also, I see that rates have increased significantly since last fall when there were fewer flights (and maybe fewer cancellations).

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