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Unable To Get Health Codes

pen24 (18 posts) • 0

It seems a few weeks ago the Health Codes to enter stores and hospitals which used to come up on a scan through the WeChat app are no longer accessible if you don’t have a Chinese ID number.

I was wondering if others are experiencing this and if there is any fix or work around?

livinginchina (228 posts) • 0

Have you tried the QR code in the subway. Take a picture of the QR and save it on your phone. When you need to scan just use the picture of the QR to scan again. I use the Yunnan Health app.

pen24 (18 posts) • 0

Thanks for the reply but where I get stopped is that the program asks for a Chinese ID do you not run into this issue?

pen24 (18 posts) • 0

Thanks….I think I was making two mistakes. First….I was using the original app which they changed and required a Chinese ID on. And second, all my history was tied to my wife’s cell phone number instead of mine. Last night I registered with the proper app….chose “ordinary
passport” used my cell number and the app said to wait 12 hours and try scanning a QR code. I’ll see what happens around 10:30 this morning.

pen24 (18 posts) • 0

Still doesn’t work. It says it can’t authenticate me. I have a feeling its because I entered China over two years ago. My entire history so to speak is tied to my wife’s cell phone and now I’m registering with my cell phone number so they have no history on me even though my passport number hasn’t changed. I’m going to try and contact their tech support….

kc430kc430 (81 posts) • 0

On June 1 I flew from Kunming to Lijiang without green code. My wife used to get me a green code using her phone and entering my name, pp# etc. Discovered the day before the flight that she could no longer get the code for me, that method no longer worked. We decided to go to the airport and see what would happen. There, I had to sign a paper with my data and red thumb print it. My wife chastised me for overdoing the ink and blotting out the signature. Guess I don't get enough practice. After the formality I was allowed to board the plane as normal.

In travels around Lijiang and Shangri-La, wherever people had to take photo of QR code, I just say "foreigner, no WeChat". Often I get waved through, otherwise they take photo of my passport or write down info on paper pad. Most annoying is registering at guest houses in remote areas where they use a computer app to register you. This could take up to half an hour and I was even asked to input my own data directly using the keyboard. In the most remote area I visited, they didn't bother with passport at all.

Returned to Kunming yesterday, no green code needed. But requirements could change any second.

pen24 (18 posts) • 0

I KC….as you suggest…the work around is using Foreigner Status…but as mentioned…its more time consuming and a bigger hassle. I contacted the Tech Support on the Pandemic Control app….if I get a response and a fix….I’ll let you know

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