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Unable To Get Health Codes

pen24 (17 posts) • 0

HI KC....in case you're interested....it took about 5 emails back and forth but my problem is now completely resolved. These guys at Tech Support are more responsive and helpful than about any other group I've dealt with in China. Their email which is on the website is:
al7@cegn.gov.cn (that's an aL by the way)

kc430kc430 (79 posts) • 0

I'm still ambivalent about using WeChat. After living 7 years in China without it, I just started a few days ago. Quickly added contacts and the number of messages increased dramatically to an uncomfortably obnoxious level. If I continue to use it I think I will have a love-hate relationship with the app.

pen24 (17 posts) • 0

Actually the solution doesn’t involve WeChat at all. Basically you register with a Central Government app that requires no scanning of QR code’s and abandon the Yunnan Province/WeChat app all together. You generate a Green Health Code just by signing in. I suppose it works by monitoring the location of you and your phone.

kc430kc430 (79 posts) • 0

I wonder if it works with location service turned off, as I prefer to keep it turned off close to 100% of the time.

pen24 (17 posts) • 0

I would guess not….in a way you are trading one kind of tracking for another. If there were too many gaps in the programs ability to assess whether you’ve been to places considered high risk…the app would seem to be useless. Like yourself, I don’t like WeChat. Nor do I have any presence in Social media anywhere. But what I do like is that if your heading off on a plane or a train you can generate a code that morning and when you get to the airport or train station you don’t have to be stuck in that usual crowd of people scanning the QR code’s.

napav (33 posts) • 0

The mere fact the latest WeChat has passed Google Play Store's security scrutiny for global use on Android devices while the Chinese "Central Government app" hasn't, one should have less qualms using WeChat than the latter.

Using Green Health Code via WeChat is optional. WeChat is like a Swiss Army Knife that could bundle individual apps into one. For example, you can integrate Didi, Meituan, and this Yunnan Health Code app in WeChat mini programs without having to install separate apps. Your phone should have option to allow or block WeChat (or any installed app) from location monitoring. Disable "phone location" option if you're an 007 agent.

No need to scan health barcode every time. Assuming you already enabled Mini Programs in WeChat. If not "Settings" > "General" > "Manage Discover" > Enable Mini Programs (toggle to green)

In WeChat, click "Discover" tab > click search icon (magnifying glass) > Search "云南健康码" (aka Yunnan Health Code) > Follow & register as needed.

Useful shortcut:

In the "Chats" interface, pull/drag the screen downward to magically display all recently used mini programs and "My Mini Programs." Yunnan Health Code icon should be visible here. Or, create shortcut by placing Yunnan Health Code icon on your homepage for visibility and quick access.

kc430, you can "Mute notifications" per each contact or account bases. Delete or unfollow irrelevant mini programs or accounts. For security reasons, recommended you don't download and install random ones under the sun despite the government allegedly cracking down on programs that breach user's privacy. The forced redirects after WePay scans are most annoying.

pen24 (17 posts) • 0

Napav….I’m just curious….the road block that I ran into seemed to originate with a change in the original program…it kept prompting me for a Chinese ID….though I’m actually happier with this alternative app which seems specifically designed for foreigners, Taiwanese and people from Macau….does the method you are suggesting not come up against this requirement for a Chinese ID?

napav (33 posts) • 0

I don't believe a prompt would pop up if user successfully registered. The green code should seamlessly display whenever the Yunnan Health Code mini program is launched from WeChat.

There's a duplicate thread discussion on this matter here:


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