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Still stuck

bucko (694 posts) • 0

It's now been 13 months that I am stuck in the USA with no hope to return to my home in Kunming.

Anyone else?

AlPage48 (1321 posts) • 0

Quite the opposite for me.
My Q2 visa with the 90 day exit requirement got cancelled because of border closures and I'm getting by on a never ending stream of S2 visas that are filling my passport.
I have no desire to return to Canada at the moment to "wait out the storm" so I'll just put up with the inconvenience till such time as I can get a new long term visa.

AlPage48 (1321 posts) • 0

I wonder why they specify that it must be the Chinese vaccine?

That's not available in every country.

bubblyian (70 posts) • 0

Vaccine diplomacy is part of the on-going geopolitical battles and negotiations. Keep watching the international political news for updates. If you contact the Chinese Embassy in your country and ask about provision of the Chinese vaccine, they may be able to help, according to the Chinese foreign minister's comments (19 March).
"Zhao Lijian: It's best if your colleague can ask the Chinese Embassy in India for more information because it knows best the specific conditions with regard to India, including in vaccine cooperation."


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