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Yunnan Nationalities University is it worth it?

Barshat (1 post) • 0


So basically I have been planning to go to YUN after the pandemic ends for a short term language program. However I don't want to stay in the dorm. I have heard that if you admit in these universities (such as YNU or YUN), you must stay at these universities. Is it true? Is there any way I could avoid not staying in these dorms?

michael2015 (750 posts) • 0

You should check with the international students office or the university's foreign affairs office directly, as they are responsible for tracking your movements to the public security (police).

You can probably ask those same university officers to help you find off-campus housing - as long as you're willing to pay a significant premium as most agents and property owners prefer long-term leases (≥ 1 year).

Best of luck and hope your short term stay is positively memorable.

Tom69 (149 posts) • 0

Barshat, that's not true at all unless regulations have changed in the meantime (though I doubt it).

When I arrived at YNU for the first time in late 2010, the decision was made by myself and my Chinese hosts that I would be renting an off campus apartment, that would be as comfortable as possible for me. There was no way I would be living in the dorms, with 3 other room mates, no privacy, a small uncomfortable bed and freezing cold in winter.

There was the option of a private dorm room with a more comfortable bed, which is something a Norwegian friend of mine took until he too decided to go for his own off campus apartment a couple of months later.

Now having said all this, YNU has since moved to the Chenggong campus where the dorms are much nicer than at the old city campus. However, even in Chenggong, an off campus apartment is easy enough to find though you may find yourself walking or cycling a considerable distance or catching a bus to get to class, if you don't happen to find a suitably close apartment.

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