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expat life in Yunan

adrivw (3 posts) • 0

Hi Everyone
I am a South African qualified teacher and have spent 10 years teaching abroad, including 2 years in Hong Kong. I am currently exploring positions in China and am really intrigued by Lijiang as a first option.
I am a single mom of two young girls, 7&8yrs old.

We love nature and prefer a quieter outdoor lifestyle. I really enjoyed my time in Hong Kong but my body [health] does not do well in humidity at am looking at dryer climates:) My daughters and I love horses and it was such a highlight to discover that there are rides in Lijiang area.

I would greatly appreciate any info in regards to expat life in Lijiang with kids! Thank you kindly for

your time.

Haali (1155 posts) • +2

Lijiang is small city, not too many expats there I imagine, though it's beauty does attract a few I imagine. How's your Chinese? How are you planning to educate your daughters? (assuming they will be living with you)

OceanOcean (1169 posts) • +1

Are you qualified to teach English? You don't specify. I would think there's little chance of employment if you are, say, a Geography teacher. I presume you have a TEFL qualification or equivalent? You'd need that before coming and a Criminal Records check (of course currently no foreigners are allowed to enter China at all). Have you been in touch with any training schools or state schools there to see if there is a demand?

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • +2

Coming at this time is a bad idea especially with kids in tow. Although the virus is abating why risk it coming here.

tigertigerathome (102 posts) • +1

If you are thinking of home schooling for your children, it may be wise to sign up and enroll your children into a homeschooling program before you leave your own country.
Some home schooling programs have existing agents in China, and these are tied to specific education companies. These education companies are strictly controlled and the one I am familiar with you could only enroll children enrolled in, and attending, schools within their B2B customer base.

Another thing that can happen with agent rights is that someone gets exclusive rights to a licence and never gets their business off of the ground. As such the program is stuck in a kind of limbo.

If you enroll your kids before you leave home you can avoid these issues. You may also pay lower fees.
Just thinking aloud.

adrivw (3 posts) • 0

Thank you kindly for your information.

I am a qualified teacher and have taught in HK for 2 years.

Thank you @tigertigerathome for your insight in regards to homeschooling that really opens up other possibilities.

vicar (818 posts) • +2

Yes plenty of nature here but what is the point when you wake up to human excrement and urine being sprayed around the whole community to water the plants? Its a sure disease threat. When I challeneged them they said it was good for the they stood in poodles of sewage in sandals. Not to mention the throat clearing and spitting that has returned with extra force even in restaurants. Nothing has been learnt unfortunately. 3 steps forward, 5 steps back. Another reason I wouldnt recommend bringing a family here at this time is that xenophobia is on the rise due to the ongoing words between America and China.

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • 0

So true. I notice where I live people are back to hacking up phlegm and spitting up a storm. So disgusting. My advice: KEEP YOUR MASK ON!

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