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Is Scally coming back at all?

Salsadancer (1 post) • 0

Before the virus there were lot of rumors going on that Scally is coming back managing Gokunming. Rumors said, this was because Vera and Tigertiger had driven to Gokunming website traffic so low, that the traffic fell by over half in just a few weeks after the takeover. Then came the virus and no more rumors have been heard. Does anyone know is Scally coming back or did he leave for good?

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • +3

Go Kunming has lost its luster in my opinion. There are probably less foreigners too.

Geezer (1930 posts) • 0

I find the new GoK a lot less interesting. While it is easy to lay fault, part of the reason just change and tighter regulation.

Personally, I enjoyed the give and take in the forums. But when posts get surreptitiously "tidied up" I lose interest. Imposed harmony is boring. Neither am I interested in being controlled. But times change and so does the environment. I do find extreme amusement in the irony of a Situationist cracking the whip (Yeah, I had to look it up).

I miss Scally's writing and am a big fan of Jim Goodman. I did get a hoot watching a cooking video of

云南菜 getting stir fried in olive oil.

Expats are a strange lot as it takes a certain unusual perspective to live your life with each foot in a different boat. After 20 years in Asia conformity of U.S. life is dull. But then, I bought a home close the California beach which has been closed for the common good.

To those still getting the urge to post here, I strongly urge a sense of situational awareness be developed. Mind your words and topics as not all are welcome.

To Vera and Tiger: Nice try but when the road gets too narrow, it is hard to maintain traffic levels. Expats like us, me, are a different breed resistant to being pigeonholed. We don't confirm well and move on when squeezed. Too much unwelcome change and we are gone.

GoK served me well for a half dozen years. Best of luck guys.

DanDare (89 posts) • +2

OP a rumor you are tying to start. Nice try Prideh/satti/mihani and the umpteen other aliases you have probably had banned. I am guessing that the OP is in fact this regular troll, add one to your alias list. Probably 95% of topics tidied up are down to you my friend. That alone has skewed the figures on the amount of controlling. Hell even I have been warned, for being snarky responding to trolls/you in the past.

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • +1

The OP does have some valid points as does Geezer. GoKunming is still a useful site for those just arriving in Kunming looking for information. For us old timers perhaps not so much. My take is that given the current climate, less foreigners are going to want to come to China leading to less people coming to Kunming.

GoKunming (155 posts) • 0

Hi all,

Patrick is running Lost Garden guesthouse and restaurant and not coming back as editor. We miss him too.

Any concerns and feedback about editing and moderation can be sent to us via the contact form and won't be discussed on the forum.

We'll close this thread as it's just that: rumors.

Thank you for your concern and constructive criticism.

Enjoy your holidays everyone, we are also on a much needed break and enjoying a bike ride around the Yunnan countryside.

Patrick can be found here:[...]

Feedback can be sent here:

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