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Free Legit TV/Movie Streaming

tigertigerathome (122 posts) • +1

In the past I have asked about video streaming sites. I found this one today. It does not need a VPN and is free.

tubitv.com is free and legit. I have done a quick online search and it is said to be safe.

Legit - e.g. Paramount licenses 50 movies to Tubi every month.
Content seems to be TV series and movies prior to 2010. There are lots the movies we used to rent from Blockbusters as well as older and even foreign language movies.

The business model is based on advertising and so you have to put up with commercial breaks. Something us older folks grew up with.

Might be of interest to some.

john-doe1983 (70 posts) • 0

torrent box running jackett, qbitorrent, sonarr and emby is the way to go. Everything you could need for entertainment

Haali (1176 posts) • 0

I have a XiaoMi box which streams 1000s of movies, it's good if you have a TV to plug into. It cost about 200RMB

john-doe1983 (70 posts) • 0

Jackett works as a proxy server: it translates queries from apps (Sonarr, Radarr, SickRage, CouchPotato, Mylar, Lidarr, DuckieTV, qBittorrent, Nefarious etc.

What I am refering to is a old PC or raspberry pi that will automatically look online for torrents, downloads them, renames and places them into folders and keeps track of any new episodes to come out.

Emby is a media server that can go into said folders and play the files on all capatable devices on your local network, and if you set it up well outside your local network too.

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