Motor cycle stores in Kunming

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Hi, i havea guest who rides a country motorcycle and wants to visit motorcycle store in Kunming. Do you know such stores im Kunming?

lemon lover (862 posts) • +2

Since motorbikes are basically forbidden in Kunming and completely replaced by e-bikes, it is hard to find a motorbike shop. In any rural town it is much easier to find motorbike shops than in Kunming. Mind you only for Chinese bikes.
There are some dealers for second hand imported western bikes in Kunming and some dealers for the show-off brands like Indian and HD. Prices for both new and second hand are outrageous.
There is a specific whole sale market that basically supplies all the small rural shops in Yunnan with parts in Kunming but they hardly ever sell complete bikes. I managed to find things like a fitting helmed and gloves there as well as spare parts. This however some years ago. This market is already for years in decline because there is no Kunming based customer base anymore and rural shops have moved on to purchasing their parts on line.
Nonetheless if you like to visit this place it is on Jinma road just east of the second ring road.
Follow the link below to see the entrance on the Chinese version of Google street view. (You can enlarge and shrink the map on the right bottom to locate yourself).

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There is a Yamaha dealers on Yinghai Lu, about 100m from the junction with Dianchi Lu, in the south.
Over in the east of Guandu district there used to be an importer of Aprillia, MV, Vespa, on Yuyuan Lu, off of Bowang Lu. Turn off of Bowang down Yuyuan, and just before the first crossroads, on the right was the dealers.

You can buy BMW motorcycles from the BMW car dealership on Kunrui Lu, west of the 2nd ring road.
These are all worth looking at if he is just window shopping, but if your friend wants to buy, my advice would be to buy the same brands as those he can buy at home. This way he can be sure he will get the after sales service he will need. My brother in law has to drive over 250km to get his car serviced, no joke. I would not want to do that journey on a motorbike.

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There's a fairly big motorcycle store on Xuefu Lu - on right hand side on the lower end towards Dianmian dadao. They also do repairs.

hongxiongmao (37 posts) • +2

Lots of shops with imported bikes on Guan Nan lu also some local brands like Cfmoto there. BMW, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Harley Davidson, all can be found there.

Cheaper Chinese bikes can be found near Shining star athletic city - can get there from Guang fu lu or Caiyun north road. The shops are on Caiyun lu.
Bikes are not forbidden in Kunming - not a total ban at least. You should just avoid 2nd ring and downtown. The motorcycle market is actually increasing :) .

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Midnight tonight is the biggest online shopping day in the world. Official BMW flagship store on TMall are selling a variety of their motorcycles. Unfortunately presale deposits for discount prices ended.

Those interested in the BMW line up, just copy the link below. Opening Taobao or TMall app will automatically direct you to their store page, scrolling down just a bit the bikes will appear:

【BMW官方旗舰店m.tb.cn/h.etflALE?sm=76192b °鏈バ接再选择瀏覽噐咑ぺ鐦或復zíゞ整句话¥VpLKYui81ge¥后咑閞

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