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Youtube gone, now facebook?

rollsroyce (26 posts) • 0

Ladies and gentlemen,
Facebook has been banned in China.
One of our favorite website's youtube has been banned a while back and now it's facebook.
thanks china. thanks.

LuJingLin (28 posts) • 0

I just want a cost comparison on internet censorship and the 5 mao army expenditures VERSUS say the provision or improvement of one of the many inefficient or lacking services in this country. i.e. how many cleaner water sources are foregone to stop tweens from posting on other tweens facebook walls. COME ON.

Danmairen (510 posts) • -1

In the long run they are shooting themselves in the foot. It's a classic discipline in China after all.

Danmairen (510 posts) • -1

Seems like Chinasmack is blocked now too. In the end there will be nothing left but the main CCP website and China Daily. Basically 25 percent of my searches these days shuts down my connection and I get the "Done" and an empty screen for the next 5 minutes. And that's just searching on seemingly harmless words like lyrics for music, quotes and stuff like that. They are really beginning to piss people off now.

Seems to me they might have abandoned the leniency towards English language sites which is bad news for everyone.

Dr Doom (14 posts) • 0

No facebook, twitter, youtube. Most things with "feeds" or "blog" in the header.

Yahoo.com is sketchy

Amazon.com is blocked due to a new book offering. Not goiing to post the name because I don't want gokunming blocked. You can read all about it on bloomberg.com.


trice (35 posts) • 0

ack! was using proxyboxonline but that's not working now
tried to go to the site to download firefox tor but can't get through to it :P
any other suggestions for ways to get around the ridiculous-ness??

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