local moving service

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We also used Ant moving for a move in Kunming.

Some furniture was damaged in the process, but they would only compensate us for items that were broken.

If it's damaged, they don't care.

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OP: local moving service

The consensus seems to be:


buy 4 mules & a wagon

elephants are slow, but reliable

coolies; a dozen, single file

wait for a flood: float it up

forget moving: build a card

board shack under a tree

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Local Moving Service

I have a point of origin. Even have a destination: about 15 km away.

Do we have a Drone delivery service yet? Perhaps a low-orbit missle, because land-based delivery seems to be on the drawing board.

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@hermit: You might try calling up a few of the more established laowai-oriented businesses around town like Salvador's and asking to talk to the expat owners so you can inquire with them. It's obviously not their job to give advice, but since you don't appear to be having any luck and seem to be under time pressure, it won't kill them to answer a question.

Owners are likely to plugged into the local business scene and accustomed to solving various logistical problems, so there's a good chance one of them can at least point you in the right direction.

(And they probably didn't see your OP because they are handling business instead of haunting the GKM forums.)

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@cloudtrapezer wrote: "I don't own anything worth moving that I can't move myself."

Uncharacteristically tactless

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Problems start in the education system which allows people to sleep their way through. People are not taught to take responsibility for their work. Or maybe people are overworked and underpaid. Maybe not enough healthy competition.

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