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My landlord was recently busted for his illegal building; forcing a move..
Does anybody have a reliable contact for a local mover; hopefully speaks some english?


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The building's owner is required to have appropriate permits to rent in his particular area.. Don't ask me. He might be in jail..
Back on topic, no surprise that a simple move is a great adventure here, where information on any topic is at a premium..
Nobody knows anything..

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ANT "removals"? Sounds ominous.

I googled them and got this ...

蚂蚁搬家 (Ant Movers) moved our stuff from Xi'an to Kunming in 2005. They are an expensive (7000RMB), highly regarded company, so we were rather shocked to find that most of our furniture arrived marred and filthy dirty. These photos show some of the damage: marred surfaces, metal that was carelessly left to scrape along the rusty sides of their truck, bent table legs, and an unprotected cushion with long streaks of rust from the inner walls of the truck (even having it washed in Kunming didn't get the stain out). Since all the damage was "little" we didn't file for reimbursement. The damage to each item was too small to demand replacement, but it was just that there was SO MUCH "little" damage!

If you recall, Tiger moving company gave us problems with water damage coming from Shanghai to Xi'an. If you are ever moving inside China, I recommend that you avoid companies named after animals!

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And that applies to the locals in particular.. Sort of cool, in a laid-back goofy fashion, until the real world intrudes, and a person might require some real-time information..

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