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KunmingSwap, any experience?

tigertiger - moderator (5084 posts) • 0

I have just looked at KunmingSwap, mentioned on another thread, and was going to sign up. However, in the registration page they ask for a lot of personal data that is not needed, including phone numbers, unless they are data mining and then selling to direct marketing companies. It could be that the site owner has not considered this as a barrier to people signing up, or that data mining is the main purpose.
If anyone is using KunmingSwap, what has been your experience? Are you getting spammed? Are you getting direct marketing calls?

Lanajot (61 posts) • 0

We’ve found some valuable stuff for good prices on KunmingSwap. No problems with spam in the two years that we’ve subscribed. It’s been quiet lately, seems like people aren’t leaving KM or selling a lot.

debaser (631 posts) • 0

KunmingSwap was good... once. More recently there have been much stricter rules and they have been enforced. One rule is that items need to be 1000rmb or less. I heard that the data collection is to comply with local 'authorities' and their rules and regulations. I have no idea if this was reactive or proactive. In the end I guess that the plethora of Wechat groups are just more convenient and many serve a similar audience without all the rules, regulations, and data collection. Even KMSwap has a group, KMSwap Live' but as Lanajot said, it has been very quiet recently.

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