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KMG WeChat Groups?

igallivant (4 posts) • 0

Hey all, I live in Cdu, but looking for KMG WeChat expat groups.


find anything but GoKunming.

Any expat gps out there?


Might move here, so getting started early!

Most interested in trekking/hiking gps and women's gps.

Cheers, G

dolphin (509 posts) • +3

what's a women's gps? an app that helps you locate women?

redjon777 (560 posts) • 0

What country you from? Helps narrow it down as there is some groups for different nationalities. Being British I know the UK expat one.

igallivant (4 posts) • 0

Any group related to hiking/camping/trekking in Yunnan, is what I am primarily interested in.

My WeChat is iGallivant if there are any groups to add me to, and thanks!

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